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How do I reschedule a scheduled Tweet?

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The Rescheduling option allows you to reschedule a Tweet that has been scheduled to be publshied at a particular date and time.

Follow these steps to reschedule a Tweet:
  1. Log in to the CRM.
  2. Click the Actions on the top right corner of the Tweet.
  3. Click Reschedule. You will be directed to the Reschedule window.
  4. Click the Calendar icon.
  5. Select the required month and date. 
  6. Click the Time icon to set the required time slot. The delete icon helps you clear the selection.
  7. Once the date and time are set, click Save.

Your scheduled Tweet rescheduled for the specific date and time will be displayed under Scheduled and posted then.
With this, you have successfully rescheduled a Tweet.

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