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October 2023

The list of new features and feature enhancements that were released in October 2023.
Bindu Rekha Babu
20 Nov, 2023 - Updated 18 days ago
Table of Contents

Release 1 & 2

New Feature (s)

Stockroom & Stock Transfer (Multi-warehouse support)

  • With the Stockroom feature, you can now manage your stock available in different warehouses and vans across multiple locations. Product Stock can be in different warehouses of the company or with the distributors. 
  • How does this work - A Product's Qty in Stock, Committed Stock, Incoming Stock, and Available Stock values are computed by aggregating the stock from all the Stockrooms the product is in. 
  • You can use two Stockroom Types to manage your stock - Warehouse and Van. 
  • Consider this example:
    •  A2Z Appliances has warehouses and service centers across the country in different locations. They can track appliances and spare parts in each location using the Stockroom feature. This will help them in sending the products or spare parts available in the nearest location to their customer:
      • Enabling on-time delivery
      • Faster and more efficient customer service in case of product issues.
  • Limitation
    • Stock can be transferred within the organization’s Stockrooms and not across different organizations. You must create a sales order to transfer stock between organizations.  

Pricing Guidance 

  • Vtiger’s Pricing Guidance feature suggests the best discount you can apply to a Deal or Quote based on historical discount data like revenues and past discounts. 
  • You can customize matching parameters for recommendations based on discounts given to the same organization, industry, product, or service. 
  • You can choose the appropriate discount value and add it to the Deal or Quote.
  • Pricing Guidance is available as an Add-on for the Deals and Quotes modules in the Extension Store.


Cases - Linking a phone call to a Case

  • From now on, whenever you call a customer from a Case record, the phone call is automatically linked to the Case. 
  • How does it work - The Cases field in the Phone Call module automatically gets updated with the Case details. This information is available in the Details view of the record. 
  • This feature is available for Twilio, Plivo, and Exotel gateways.

Deals - Linking a phone call to a Deal

  • If you call a customer from a Deal record, the phone call is automatically linked to the Deal. 
  • How does it work - The Deals field in the Phone Call module automatically gets updated with the Deal details. This information is available in the Details view of the record. 
  • This is available for Twilio, Plivo, and Exotel gateways.

Help desk Email ID Booster Pack

  • In Email Settings, you can add HelpDesk Email IDs from which your Case reply emails are sent. The default limit for HelpDesk Email IDs is based on your edition.
  • You can increase the number of Helpdesk IDs with the Help desk Email ID Booster.
  • Details:
    • Name - Booster for Helpdesk Email Ids
    • Price - $10 per Help Desk Email ID (INR 700 + GST for customers from India)

Global Picklist - Country Picklist Values

  • A new field type in the Layout Editor called Country & State Picklists will allow you to add Country and State information. 
  • This is especially helpful for any custom modules you create. This field type will add two new global picklist values - Country and State, linked to the Country Global Picklist in the CRM.

Mini List View Widget

  • The Mini List View now has the Sort and Search option similar to the List View. 
  • Similar to the List View, it will allow you to search for data on the Dashboard as well as sort the list according to your requirements. 
  • The Search will be shown when there are more than five records.

Mobile App

  • Language translation is now supported on the Vtiger CRM Mobile app.

Process Designer - Fetch Records Action

  • The Fetch Records Action will help you configure advanced automation flows on other records that might not be directly related to the process record.
  • Consider these Use Cases:
    • You can cancel all related tasks when a Sales Order is canceled.
    • You can send emails to all Contacts related to a Deal when the Deal is changed to Requirements Gathering.
    • You can send emails to all affected Contacts when an incident is created. 


  • You can sync selected records from Vtiger CRM to Quickbooks based on the Status field. 
  • A new column called Filter in the Quickbooks Setting page will let you select the picklist, multi-picklist, and status field values for the sync. 
  • This enhancement is not available for the Products and Services modules. 


  • You can now change and apply conditions for shared Reports pinned to the Dashboard. 
  • Simply click the 3 dots to view the Show Condition option and apply the conditions. 
  • Note: The conditions are not displayed if you Refresh the page.

Storage Cron Job Time 

  • Are you worried about the storage cron executing during work hours? Not anymore!
  • Admin users can now configure the time for the storage cron to execute. 
  • Note: This change will affect only future executions.

Stock Transfer - Product Part Number field 

  • The CRM displays a Product's Part Number field when you add a new Stock Transfer record.
  • This is available for both Warehouse and Van Stockroom types.

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