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How do I send messages from the CRM using WATI?

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Follow these steps to send WhatsApp messages using WATI.
  1. Log in to the CRM.
  2. Go to Contacts.
  3. Click +Add Contact. Create a Contact with the WATI registered WhatsApp number.
  4. Select a Contact from which you wish to send a message. The Summary View of that contact opens.
  5. Click More.
  6. Select WhatsApp. The Send WhatsApp message window opens.
  7. Enter or select the following information:
    1. Phone Number: Select the Phone number from which you want to send a message from the drop-down.
    2. WhatsApp Gateway: Select the WhatsApp Gateway from the drop-down.
    3. WhatsApp Template: Select the WhatsApp Template from the drop-down. The template will be auto-filled in the message field.
    4. Message: Type the WhatsApp message to be delivered to the customer. 
    5. Attach Files: Attach files if needed.
  8. Click Send
The users will receive messages in their WhatsApp on mobile. The messages from the mobile are received on the WATI platform.

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