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Vtiger 360 for Field Sales

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago
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GPS based location tracking feature in Vtiger 360 helps your field sales team to view and update Contact address from map view, view nearby Contacts based on current location and update status to their managers real time by checking into an onsite meeting.

Map view in Leads, Contacts and Organization modules

Vtiger 360 empowers field sales agents to locate client addresses visually on a map and plan their travel for onsite meetings. Field Sales rep can update the Contact addresses based on the actual location without any manual editing.

Field sales person can locate the address on the map using Map view to gauge the distance from current location and plan the on-site travel accordingly.
Using Google map services, the agent can navigate to the target location. After reaching the destination, the agent has the option to update the current location as a Contact address.
If the address is partially filled, the agent can quickly move the location marker on the map and update the address.

You can only update the below-mentioned addresses via the map view.

  • Lead - Address
  • Contact - Mailing address
  • Organization - Billing address

Each address is geocoded to store the latitude, longitude of the address. For locating the address on the map, location services of Vtiger 360 uses latitude and longitude values via reverse geocoding. Update address action on the map updates the latitude and longitude values of the location marker available on the map.

Another address in the modules is available only to view on the map with no option to update.

View address on the map

Click on map icon to view the Lead/Contact/Organization record’s location.
alt text alt text

Search for an address in map view.

Search the location by entering it in the search bar.
alt text

Update address via the map.

Drag the marker to the correct location and click on update button to update address fields.

View user’s current location.

Click on current location icon to know your current location.

Click on Navigate button to navigate yourself from your current location to your client’s location.

Note! Only users having edit permission can update address via the map view.

Check-in for field sales team

Plan your customer visits faster with Vtiger 360’s GPS features to check-in and check-out at the event location. Learn more

Locate Nearby Prospects

Sales reps can use the nearby prospects map view widget to locate prospects in the vicinity of the current location, enabling sales reps to quickly set up a meeting and follow up with nearby customers and prospects.

How are nearby prospects identified?

As you save the contact’s address in CRM, it get’s geocoded. So, any contact that is geocoded and close to your current location is identified and displayed on the maps.

Note! Only the following standard address is geocoded.
1. Lead’s Address.
2. Mailing address on Contacts.
3. Billing address on Organization.

Locate nearby prospects from Dashboard

To know your nearby prospect, click on LOCATE NEARBY PROSPECTS widget.

alt text

The following window pops up when the app permission for maps is denied.

alt text

To allow map permission, go to app settings and enable location permission.
The map shows all your nearby prospects in the following colors

  1. Leads in Green color.
  2. Contacts in Blue color.
  3. Organizations in Orange color.
    alt text

Click on the location marker to view the header information and the activities related to the prospect.
Click on the Directions button to get navigated to the prospect’s location; this action redirects you to the Google Navigations.

Search Prospects near me
Enter the prospect’s name in the search bar to find the prospects near your current location.

Filters in search bar.

  1. Show nearby: Enable the modules to view on nearby prospects map.

    • Contacts
    • Organizations
    • Leads
  2. Within the radius of: Display prospects within the limited distance in Kilometers or Miles.
    Finally, click on Apply button to apply the filters.

alt text

Note! You can configure the distance from 1km/1mi to 20km/20mi.

Locate prospects addresses from the List view
You can easily switch to Map view from the list view of the Leads/Contacts/Organization to view the prospects locations.
Example, when you click on the map icon from Contacts, the map displays only the Contacts’ addresses.

alt text

1. You can locate all the addresses irrespective of the distance.
2. Only ten recently geocoded addresses are displayed. Click on Load more button to load more addresses.

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