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Make the leap from Spreadsheets

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago
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Congratulations! By signing up for a Vtiger, you have made the leap from spreadsheets to a smarter & modern sales system

As salespersons, we all started off with spreadsheets, and you might still be using one.

Why do we love spreadsheets?

  • Reason #1: Freedom to do anything - add cells, get charts, make it look the way you want it to look
  • Reason #2: Ownership - The data is in our control - no one can change it (unless you share it)

What are the challenges with spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are good if you you just need to track phone numbers and email addresses of your customers. But, if you need to build better relationships with customers, you have to start knowing them better, and that means you need have to gather this data.

  1. Spreadsheets are static - You cannot capture a customer in a row or some rows.
    • A CRM is dynamic.. Calls get logged automatically, Emails get attached, Activity on Emails (opens, clicks) is tracked, Website visits could be registered.
  2. Spreadsheets aren’t designed for collaboration
    • If you are working together on a opportunity, sharing notes and getting feedback is clumsy at best on a spreadsheet. We all are used to much better communication tools in our personal lives (Whatsapp, Facebook). So, why are we still communicating in spreadsheets?
  3. Documents, Comments, Images
  4. Relationships and Reporting - Spreadsheets aren’t built to track relationships. A customer could be linked to an opportunity or product or a case or a phone call or a document.
  5. Reporting - Spreadsheets can’t give the insights that sophisticated CRMs can. Which salesperson is doing better? Which Email templates are having good open rates? Which agents are handling more support queries and getting good feeback?
  6. Social - Poor spreadsheets aren’t plugged in to Social networks. A good CRM system is social and will make you social

Sales Gyan Zone

  1. Confessions of an Excel addict (Fortune Magazine)
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