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Contact Roles

Learn the importance of contact roles in the sales process and how to set them up for your contacts.
21 Dec, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
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Contact Roles help you identify the role a contact plays in a deal. Specifying different roles for a contact can help sales teams differentiate among stakeholders and understand the type of influence they have on a deal.

Benefits of Contact roles

Contact roles provide the following benefits to a sales team:

  • Setting up tailor-made emails, calls, and follow-ups with each stakeholder results in improved conversion rates.
  • Sales teams can decide to pursue a deal based on the interactions they have with a stakeholder.
  • Provide inputs to the inside sales team to research and link better stakeholders before qualifying a deal.

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Contact Roles

Setting up Contact Roles

In this document, you will learn about the default contact roles provided by Vtiger CRM and how to configure and assign contact roles. 

Default contact roles in Vtiger

Vtiger provides the following contact roles by default. You can choose one role from the picklist for each contact related to a deal. 

  • Gatekeeper
  • Business user
  • Business Influencer
  • Technical Influencer
  • Decision maker
  • Budget Approver
  • Project Manager
  • Other

Assigning a Role to a Deal's Contact

To assign a role to a deal’s contact, you must first link the contact to the deal.

Follow these steps to link a contact to a deal:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Sales tab.
  3. Select Deals
  4. Select and open the deal to which you want to link a contact.
  5. Click the Deep Dive button.
  6. Add the contact under the Contact Name field.
  7. Click Save

The contact can be viewed under the deal’s One View widget. You can then assign a role to the contact.

Follow these steps to assign a role to a deal’s contacts:

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Sales tab.
  3. Select Deals.
  4. Select and open a deal.
  5. Click the One View widget on the deal. To learn about One view, click here.
  6. Select Contacts.
  7. Click the Select Contact Roles drop-down.
  8. Choose a contact role from the picklist.


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