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What are the limitations of WhatsApp personal number integration?

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The following are the limitations of integrating your personal WhatsApp number with the CRM.

  • You can use either a WhatsApp Business API or your personal WhatsApp number in Vtiger CRM. They cannot be used together. 

  • You cannot send attachments or view attachments.

  • The message will be auto-filled in the compose textbox of specific WhatsApp numbers by Vtiger CRM. You have to tap on the Send icon to send the message manually. 
  • You cannot send bulk messages to multiple contacts. Only one message can be sent to each contact.
  • Friends, family, and group notifications will not be tracked by the Vtiger mobile app. Contacts saved in your mobile phone or device’s Phonebook will be treated as personal contacts. Vtiger will ignore tracking messages from personal contacts.

  • You should keep the mobile app active or running in the background for the CRM to track WhatsApp messages from CRM contacts.


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