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How do I add webhooks for Incoming Callback?

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Follow these steps to add Webhooks for incoming messages:
  1. Log in to WATI.
  2. Click More.
  3. Click Webhooks from the drop-down.
  4. Click Add Webhook. The Add Webhook window opens. The URL field will be blank if you are adding a URL for the first time.
  5. Follow these steps to copy the Incoming Callback URL from Vtiger CRM:
    1. Log in to the CRM.
    2. Go to Essentials.
    3. Go to Conversations.
    4. Select WhatsApp. The WhatsApp module opens.
    5. Click Settings.
    6. Select Provider Configuration from the drop-down. A list of providers will appear.
    7. Hover over to WATI from the list.
    8. Click the Edit icon. The Edit configuration window opens.
    9. Copy the Incoming Callback URL.
  6. Go back to the WATI platform.
  7. Enter or select the following information in WATI:
    1. URL: Paste the Incoming Callback URL from Vtiger CRM.
    2. Status: Select Enabled from the drop-down.
    3. Event: Select Message Received from the drop-down.
  8. Click Save.

Note: The above Webhook is added only for receiving messages.

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