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Performing Global Search

Get to learn about the most easy and handy way to look for a record in the CRM - Global Search.
Sabqat Ruba
30 Mar, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago

What is Global Search

Want to access a CRM record instantly? 

Have no time to browse through modules to find something?

Global Search to the rescue!

With Global Search, you can find anything from anywhere in Vtiger CRM! No matter what page you are on, all you need to do is select a module and type a hint. All relevant results will show up. 

Additionally, you can apply specific conditions to find a particular record. This gives quick results, saving you a lot of time! 

How to Use Global Search

Click the Magnifier icon displayed on the top right corner of your screen to use Global Search. The Global Search window shows recent records, documents, reports, and lists by default.

What can you do in the global search window

  • Perform a search in all modules by selecting All Modules in the drop-down.
  • Perform a search module-wise by selecting a module name in the drop-down.
  • Type a hint in the search bar to find something. Global Search displays relevant records from all the CRM modules.

Let us see how you can perform a module-wise search and search under all modules for records.

Performing an advanced module-wise search

Consider this example: To search for leads with Lead Source as Cold Call, you can apply the condition: Field:  Lead Source; List Condition: Equals; Field value: Cold Call. 

Follow these steps to perform a module-wise search by specifying conditions:

  1. Click the Magnifier icon in the Global Search window.
  2. Select a module from the drop-down.
  3. Click Add Condition (under All Conditions or Any Conditions).
  4. Select a field, choose list conditions, and enter the field value based on which you want to find a record.
  5. Click Search.
You can select a module and directly search without applying conditions. Doing this shows all the records in the selected module.


  • All Conditions: Displays results when all the conditions are true.
  • Any Condition: Displays results when at least one of the conditions is true.

Default list conditions in Global Search

If selected condition is

Then display results if


Selected field value equals the specified value

Not equal to

Selected field value is not equal to the specified value

Starts with

Selected field value starts with the specified value

Ends with

Selected field value ends with the specified value


Selected field value contains the specified value

Does not contain

Selected field value does not contain the specified value

Is empty

Selected field value is empty

Is not empty

Selected field value is not empty

Performing an advanced search in all modules

Follow these steps to search for a record in all modules:

  1. Select All Modules in the drop-down in the Global Search window.
  2. Click the Magnifier icon.
  3. Specify any of the following details:
  1. Has all these words: Search results are records whose names contain all the words you specify
  2. Exact words/phrase: Search results are records whose names contain the word or phrase you specify
  3. Any of these words: Search results are records whose names contain at least one of the words that you specify
  1. Click Search.

Search results are grouped under different tabs. For example, deals are grouped under the Deals tab and events are grouped under the Events tab.

Note: When searching for records by specifying multiple words, you must separate the words by a space or a comma.

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