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What are Sticky Notes

Learn the importance of a sticky note and how to create it in Vtiger CRM.
15 Nov, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
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A sticky note is a highlighted comment on the Summary View of a record. When there are multiple comments on a record, and you want to highlight a particular comment to capture users’ attention, you can display it as a sticky note.

Here are some use cases:

As a sales rep, you can display important notes about a deal as a sticky note. This is handy when the deal is transferred to a different sales rep. 

As a support manager, you can display case-related instructions as a sticky note. The customer service rep working on the customer case can view the instructions before taking any action.


You can use sticky notes to highlight any general rule to be followed in a process. For example, in customer support, saying greetings such as Good Morning or Have a Good Day is a must; this rule can be highlighted using a sticky note.

Where are sticky notes displayed

 Sticky notes appear on the Summary View of a record, on top of the Activity section. You can use the upward and downward arrows to view the complete note.

Note: A sticky note is also retained as a regular comment in the Activity section.

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Sticky notes

Using Sticky Notes

1. Creating a sticky note

Hover over a comment in the Activity section and click the Sticky Note icon.  This creates a sticky note that is displayed above the Activity section of a record’s summary view.

Note: Sticky notes can be created in any module that allows you to add comments.

2.Removing a sticky note 

There are two ways of removing a sticky note from the Summary View of a record. 

  1. By clicking Sticky Note icon on the sticky note
  1. By clicking Sticky Note icon on the regular comment


  • Only one sticky note can be displayed on a record.
  • A sticky note cannot display file attachments. 
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