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Built-in Phone Dialer in the CRM with Plivo and Twilio

Learn all about the built-in dialer in the CRM and have a hassle-free calling experience.
30 Dec, 2021 - Updated 4 months ago
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Is your office crowded with the latest phones, faxes, mobiles, etc.? Are you finding it challenging to communicate with your customers with these multiple devices?


What if your laptop or desktop could help you connect to a customer with a single click?


This is possible with Vtiger CRM! With Vtiger’s Phone Calls module, you can connect with your contacts by simply placing a call directly from your laptop or desktop by clicking the Phone Call icon. 


The Vtiger Phone Calls Advantage!


Look at the benefits of using our Phone Calls module:

  • Lower investments - Integrated telephony (web-based) comes at a cheaper cost both in terms of hardware and handling, as calls are routed through your internet.
  • Reduced resources - Vastly beneficial, especially if you are a small business with a few employees and do not want to invest heavily in communication.
  • Better control and coordination - You can control and coordinate your communication with a single platform. No more worries about trying to work with too many devices and losing out on a contact. 
  • Flexibility - Call from anywhere and anytime. You or your employees can work from the office or home or when they are on the road. You can log in at different times and not worry about changes in weather or social conditions.
  • Large volume of calls - More lines of communication and handle a large number of calls.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency - You will have a single platform, your computer, to track customer data and communicate with them. You don’t have to switch between apps and devices to see data and make that all-important phone call. 

What You Need To Do

All you need is to configure Vtiger CRM with Plivo or Twilio credentials. 

  1. Install the Phone Calls extension from the Extension Store.
  2. Set up Plivo or Twilio gateway.
  3. Get going!

To learn in detail about setting up Plivo, click here.

To learn all about configuring Twilio, click here.

What happens

When you set up at least one of the gateways, you will see a ready-made phone dialer on your CRM screen.


Dialer features

  • Choosing a gateway: You can choose either Plivo or Twilio to make a call from the dialer. You must have at least one of these gateways configured in the CRM.
  • Click-to-Call: Type the number in the dialer and click the Call button. That is how easily you can call your contacts, co-workers, etc.
  • Clearing an entry: To clear a number, click the left arrow () at the dialer’s bottom left. 


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