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User Guide for Sales Managers

This guide will help you tailor Vtiger for your sales team.
Abdul Sameer
21 Jun, 2024 - Updated 28 days ago
Table of Contents

Sales Manager Guide

Target Audience 

  • Sales Managers
  • Administrators

Adding your Team Members and Setting up Permissions

Vtiger offers a role-based access control mechanism for distributed sales teams that want to restrict access to contacts and opportunities within a territory. Within the records, profiles can be used to control which fields a user can access and edit.

  • Add users from Settings > Users page. Reports to the field in the User record identify the manager and are used in the Sales Forecast & Quotas dashboard.
  • Configure sharing rules to set up rules for a role, profile, or group.

Adding Custom Fields to Store Information Specific to your Business and your Clients

  • You can add custom fields in Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and other modules. Adding custom fields to any standard module or custom module.
  • You can also add custom modules to store additional information related to contacts or opportunities, for example, the Expenses module. Adding custom modules to track custom data.

Customizing Contact Type, Contact Status, Pipelines, and Sales Stages

Configuring Automation

Setting up Appointment Pages

Set up Appointment pages for your salespersons (or they can do it too) to allow clients to pick available meeting times. You can also set up Auto-assigned appointment pages for the next available agent and Group Appointment pages for group events, such as demo requests and webinars.

Your Salespersons can create meetings and invite contacts from Calendar in Vtiger. Meetings are one of the activities tracked in Sales Insights. Use Google Sync, Office 365 sync, or Outlook plugin to synchronize Calendar.

Setting up Group Mailboxes for your Sales team and Individual mailboxes in Vtiger Inbox

You want your sales team to collaborate on emails from your company’s sales address. Vtiger Inbox enables that and also supports individual mailboxes. Set up Mailboxes in Vtiger Inbox.

Bringing your data into Vtiger

  • Import Contact data from a CSV file, an email, a form submitted on your website, or a third-party app like Google Contacts or Office 365.
  • Bringing Leads from the Website.
  • Use Web Service APIs to connect to your existing apps.
  • Contact the Vtiger team if you need to learn about our Migration services.

Connecting your phone system to Vtiger to track calls

Vtiger connects to popular cloud-based telephony systems. In less than 1 hour, you can configure the extensions to initiate and receive calls from within your CRM.

Phone calls are one of the activities tracked in Sales Insights. So, connecting your phone system will give you more actionable information. Connect Vtiger to your phone system.

Following up on opportunities and collaborating internally to move them forward through the sales cycle

  • Ready to engage? Send an email or place a call with a single click. Or if you need assistance from an expert in the organization before you can do that, @tag them in a comment that instantly lets them know to take a look.
  • Vtiger ensures you’re always in the know with on-screen, SMS, or email alerts that notify you if a contact becomes active, idle, or meets other conditions. Do this for contacts assigned to you or your team, or select individual contacts to receive notifications.
  • Still waiting to be ready to reach out to a contact? Create a task to follow up with them later. Or, if you’ve already scheduled a meeting, create a calendar event. Tasks and events are linked to the contact’s record, so their information is just a click away. Calendar events are also synchronized with Google, Outlook, and other calendars.

Preparing Quotes, Getting Discount Approvals, and Sending Quotes Using Custom Templates

  • Generate a Quote using a quote generator when an Opportunity is in the quote stage.
  • Set up Approval rules to automate discount approvals.
  • Customize your Quote and Invoice PDF generated using Print Templates.
  • Personalize Email content using Email Templates.

Tracking how your Clients are Engaging with the Content you are Sending

Did your prospect open the Quote? 

How do they view all the pages in the Quote?
How about that comparison document you sent?
Which marketing document is leading to better conversion?

Get answers to all the above with Document Insights. All you need to get it is to share documents directly or insert document links when sending emails. Learn more on the Document tracking page.

Signing Agreements and Closing Deals

Gets documents digitally signed in seconds with DocuSign integration to close deals faster.

Setting up Quotas and View Forecasts

  • Using the Sales Forecasts module, get realistic estimates of your team with an option to adjust your team’s forecasts.
  • Set monthly or quarterly quotas.

Getting Actionable Information with Sales Insights

Which opportunities are at risk?
Which opportunities need your attention?
Which opportunities are taking most of the time?
Which stage of the funnel are opportunities taking the most time at?
How are different salespersons advancing the opportunities?

Get answers to these and more questions from Sales Insights.

Sales Reporting and Dashboards

  • Track your sales team activity, sales pipeline, and sales performance on your dashboard.
  • Create custom reports and charts and pin them to your dashboard.

Go Social with Twitter Integration 

Connect with your customers socially, convert a tweet to a Lead or an Opportunity, and monitor your competitors. Check out Socials to know more. (Twitter)

Using Vtiger Buzz to stay connected even when you are not in the CRM

Get Vtiger Buzz, your personal sales assistant!

Integrating Vtiger with the Accounting Application

Synchronize contacts, products, and invoices between Vtiger and your company’s accounting system without manual entry using the following integration.

Integrating Vtiger with your Favorite Applications

Get Documents from external drives

Install Gmail Add-on - Vtiger's sidebar for Gmail

While reading an email from a Contact, you might often look up the recent notes, opportunity status, or related tickets for that contact. Vtiger CRM for Gmail, a Chrome extension, gives you everything you need to know about the Contact, right within your Gmail window. Click here for more details.

Getting business done on the road with the Mobile app

Be connected to your customers and don’t miss any activity while you are on the road using Vtiger mobile CRM app.

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