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Zapier Integration

Bindu Rekha Babu
29 Nov, 2022 - Updated 1 year ago
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Zapier is a robust integration platform which lets you bridge the gap between web applications and easily automate tasks across applications.

It is a web app​ automation service that gives you the power to integrate Vtiger CRM with hundreds of other apps to automate the tedious task in your workflow.

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With Zapier Integration, you can sync or move data from other web apps into Vtiger CRM or vice versa.

For example, Create a Contact in Vtiger (action) when there’s a new contact created in Google Contact (trigger). The Contact in Vtiger is the action that Zapier automatically does for you and the new contact in Google Contact is what triggers the action to happen.

Note! This feature is available in all editions of Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger App on Zapier

  1. Go to Zapier.com and look out for Vtiger CRM app under App Directory
  2. Click on Vtiger CRM
  3. Log in with Zapier log in credentials and start creating a new zap.

Note! You need to have an account to create a zap!

Available Vtiger Triggers and Actions

Supported Triggers

  1. New Opportunity: Triggers when a new Opportunity is created.
  2. New Contact: Triggers when a new Contact is created.
  3. Pull Organizations: Pulls a new Organization list.
  4. New Ticket: Triggers when a new Ticket is created.
  5. New Invoice: Triggers when a new Invoice is created.
  6. New Lead: Triggers when a new Lead is created.
  7. New Organization: Triggers when a new Organization is created.
  8. New Products: Triggers when a new Products is created.
  9. New Services: Triggers when a new Services is created.

Supported Actions

  1. Create Invoice: Create new Invoice in Vtiger
  2. Create Contact: Create a new Contact
  3. Create Event: Create a new Event
  4. Create Opportunity: Create a new Opportunity
  5. Create Lead: Create a new Lead
  6. Create Service: Create a new Service
  7. Create Organization: Create a new Organization
  8. Create Ticket: Create a new Ticket
  9. Create To Do: Create a new To Do
  10. Create Product: Create a new Product

How do you set up a Vtiger zap?

What is a Zap?

Zap is a connection between two API’s that helps to automate the task.

Consider an example of creating a Connection between two different apps, i.e., Vtiger and Google Contacts using Zapier.

How do you create a zap between Vtiger and Google Contact using Zapier?
To create a zap, you need to login to your Zapier account.

Make a Zap

Click on Make a Zap button on the dashboard to create a Zap.

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In this process, you’ve to set up two steps Trigger and Action.
Trigger and Action are simple events that could be a “new email” or a “new contact”.

Step 1: Trigger

  1. Choose Trigger App

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Lets us choose Google Contact as the trigger app and New or Updated Contact as the trigger.

So every time there is new contact created in Google Account, Zapier triggers action to create a contact in Vtiger.

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Click on Save+Continue button.

  1. Connect to your Google Contact

Click on Connect to your Google contact account that you would like to connect with Zapier. You have to log in and authorize the connection and also accept the terms & conditions to proceed.

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  1. Edit Options

Setup Google contacts group by choosing the available groups or use a custom value and pull the contact fields to Zapier. Click on Continue to proceed.

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  1. Test Google Contacts
    After you choose the group, Zapier automatically tests the Google Contacts.

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To re-test the Google Contacts, click on the rotate icon.

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Verify the details and click on Fetch and Continue button.

Once the test is successful, click on Continue button.

Step 2: Action

  1. Choose Action App and Action
    Choose Vtiger CRM as the Action app and Create contact as the action.

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Click on Save+Continue button.

  1. Connect Vtiger Account
    Click on Connect to Vtiger account to connect with Zapier.
    In the pop-up, provide the Domain Name, Username and Access key of your Vtiger instance. You can fetch these details in the My Preferences page.

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Click on Yes, Continue.

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  1. Mapping a Google Contacts fields to Vtiger contacts
    To decide what information from Google Contacts gets populated to Vtiger contacts you need to click on the Insert field next to each column field to map the fields.
    After you enter all the information, click on Continue.

  2. Test the Zap
    Click on the Google Contact trigger button to check whether the zap that you created is working fine. You can have a look at the sample by clicking on the Test Zap with the sample button.
    Click on Continue.

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  3. Name and turn the zap ON
    Give a name to your zap and click on Turn Zap On button to activate the zap.

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After you create a Google Contact, run the Zap. To populate the contact created from Google contact to Vtiger contact click on Run option.

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Create a Zap to update a record

You can update only Contact, Lead, and Opportunity records using a Zap. Also, you can create Zap to update records in CRM or from CRM to other applications.
Consider an example to update a contact from Google Sheets based on primary email.

Step 1
1. Choose trigger app: Google Sheets
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  1. Select trigger: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row
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  2. Select Google Account
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  3. Set up Google Spreadsheet row
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  4. Test the step.

Step 2

  1. Choose an Action app: Vtiger

  2. Select Vtiger CRM action:
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  3. Select Vtiger CRM account
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  4. Set up Vtiger CRM contact
    Select Search field: Primary Email
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  5. Test Account

Name your Zap and turn it on.

When this Zap is triggered, the CRM updates a record if the conditions match else a new record gets created.

What Zapier Doesn’t Do

  • Zapier is excellent for event styles integration that follows this format:
    “ When something new gets created in A, create a new thing over B.”

Zapier doesn’t import or export pre-existing items, and Zapier doesn’t do two-way syncing.

To know more about features and benefits of this integration, please check Zapier + Vtiger CRM

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