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Vtiger CRM Integration with Magento

Bindu Rekha Babu
28 Apr, 2023 - Updated 4 months ago
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The Vtiger Shopping Cart module has been designed to support Magento Community Edition 1.x and 2.x. 

Magento Integration

In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase. Shopping Cart is the new extension module developed for Vtiger to synchronize records with different applications. Currently, Vtiger supports Magento which is one of the most loved shopping cart application. Magento has evolved in recent years and has been successful in fetching many customers attention.

The Vtiger Shopping Cart module has been designed to support Magento Community Edition 1.x an 2.x where we have targeted three common modules in Vtiger and Magento i.e,

Contacts in Vtiger as Customers in Magento
Products in Vtiger as Products in Magento
Sales Order in Vtiger as Order in Magento

1. Vtiger-Magento extension is available in Sales ProfessionalVtiger One and Vtiger One Enterprise editions of Vtiger CRM.
2. Vtiger support two gateways of Magento application Magento (version 1.x) and Magento (version 2.x).

Configuration in Magento for Magento(1.x) extension

Magento Admin Login Page

Magento Admin Home Page

Installing Vtiger Patch On Magento

We have developed a patch which has to be deployed into the Magento source. The patch is available here. After downloading the patch “MagentoConnector.zip”, go to Magento source and extract the contents of the zip folder. Then log in to admin panel under Magento and clear Magento cache. Now we are all set to start with the user creation on Magento end by providing the same credentials as in vtiger CRM.

Getting Started

Magento is all set now. We can now create a new record in the application to test if the connectors are working. The connectors are developed to help bring in data from Magento to Vtiger CRM. Before synchronizing, there should be a few records present in the Magento.

Once the application is set, we should configure soap user in Magento. Keep the details handy to get connected with Vtiger. The process of creating a new soap user is described below.

Add New User :

  1. Login to Magento Admin and go to System > Web Services > Soap/XML – RPC – Users.

  1. Click on “Add New User” button and enter the details.

  1. After the details have been entered click on “Save User” button.

Note: The Username and API key will be used to get connected with Vtiger CRM.

Add New Role :

  1. Goto System > Web Services > Soap / XML – RPC – Roles.

  1. Click on “Add New Role” button and enter the details.

  1. Select “Role Info” tab and enter desired Role Name.

  1. Now select “Role Resources” tab and under “Role Resources” block set Resource Access to “All” in the dropdown. Then click on “Save Role” button.

Assign the role to the created user :

  1. Goto System > Web Services > Soap / XML – RPC – Roles

  1. Select the Role you have created.

  1. Select the “Role Users” tab. Select “No” from the dropdown under Role Users and click on “Search” button to search for the User you have created. After finding the User you have created, assign it by checking the check box on the right and then click on “Save Role” button.

Note! Magento(2.x) doesn’t need a configuration in the Magento application.

Contacts & Products

As demo data is already populated in Magento, there are a few products already configured with just one Customer record and no Orders in Magento database. At this point, we can sync the Contacts and Products module from Magento with Vtiger CRM.

Mappings for Contacts

Vtiger Contacts Magento Customers
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Primary Email Email
Mobile Phone Shipping Address Telephone
Office Phone Billing Address Telephone
Shipping Address Shipping Address
Billing Address Billing Address
Date of Birth DOB

Mappings for Products

Vtiger Products Magento Products
Product Name Name
Part Number SKU
Product Category Root Category
Sub category Subcategory
Unit Price Price
Description Description
Quantity in Stock Qty

Sales Order

To check the Orders being synchronized we should first go to front end of the application and checkout via Guest/Customer login credentials. After checking out, the Order record will be created at the backend. At this point we can sync Orders module from Magento with Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger Sales Order Magento Orders
Contact Name (Autocreated)
Organization Name (Autocreated)
Status Order Status
Billing Address Billing Address
Shipping Address Shipping Address
Line Items
Item Name Product
Quantity Qty
Price List Price
Shipping & Handling Charges Shipping & Handling
Items Total Subtotal
Tax Tax on Product
Grand Total Grand Total

Shopping Cart in Vtiger CRM

To see how the data is being synchronized between these applications we need to enter the application details into Vtiger. The system expects a few sets of values which will help to get connected with the target shopping cart.

To connect with Magento we will need Application URL, Username, API Key which we have configured in Magento. The following process will show how to configure Magento within Vtiger CRM :

  1. Login to Vtiger.
  2. Hover over  icon and click Settings.
  3. Click Shopping Cart under Extension Store tab.
  4. Click on New Configuration button.
  5. Select your Magento version.
  6. Enter Application URL, Username, API Key which we have configured in Magento.

Sync Settings

Configure synchronization settings for Magento to Vtiger in the CRM.

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  1. Make sure the base currencies are same in Magento and Vtiger CRM.
  2. Please synchronize Products in Vtiger CRM before synchronizing Sales Order as Sales Order are always created based on Products.
  3. The Application URL format should end with index.php
  4. Automatic synchronization is supported for Magento. Records get synced every 15 minutes.

To know more about features and benefits of this integration, please check Magento + Vtiger CRM

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