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How do I create a Prompt Template in Prompt Builder?

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You must go to the Bot Management module to access Prompt Builder. You will find Prompt Builder under the Bot Set up tab.
Let us learn how to create a Data Template for the Contacts module to demonstrate how Record and List Mode functions.

Follow these steps to create a Prompt Template in Prompt Builder:
  1. Log in to the CRM
  2. Go to the Help Desk app.
  3. Go to the Customer Service Analytics section.
  4. Click Bot Management. The Bot Management module opens.
  5. Click the Bot Setup tab.
  6. Click Prompt Builder.
  7. Click Prompt Templates.
  8. Click +Add Prompt. A Create  Prompt template window opens.
  9. Add a Prompt Name.
  10. Select the Status from the drop-down.
  11. Select the Module from the drop-down.
  12. Type your query in the Prompt Template field.
  13. Select the Data Template from the Insert Data Templates drop-down. The content from the Data template will auto-fill the Prompt Text field.
Note: Save the Prompt template using either one of the modes - Record or List. 

Follow the steps below to verify each of these modes.
  1. Enter or select the following Mode:
    1. Record - If you select record mode, follow the below steps:
      1. Go to Contacts.
      2. Select a record from the List View. The Summary View of the record opens.
      3. Click the Show Prompts icon on the right side. The Calculus AI window opens.
      4. Select a Prompt Template from the pre-built prompt drop-down in the Calculus AI window.
      5. Select the saved template from the drop-down. The response will be loaded and shown based on the selected template.
    2. List - If you select List mode, follow the below steps:
      1. Go to Contacts.
      2. Select records within this range (0-20). The mass action icons will be displayed above.
      3. Select the horizontal three dots.
      4. Select Calculus AI. The Calculus AI window opens on the right side of the Enter your Prompt field at the bottom.
      5. Select the Prompt Template from the drop-down. You will see the response on the screen based on the selected Prompt template.

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