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Vtiger Gmail Plugin

Bindu Rekha Babu
26 Jun, 2021 - Updated 3 years ago
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Get a 360-degree view of your Contact without leaving Gmail.

Note! The Gmail plugin is available in Chrome and Firefox browser

  • To install Chrome extension, please click here

While reading an email from a Contact, you might have often felt the need to look up the recent notes, opportunity status, or related tickets for that contact. Vtiger CRM for Gmail, a Chrome extension, gives you everything you need to know about the Contact, right within your Gmail window. You can also add notes, and create new activities for your Contact from the widget. Here are some of the features gadget enables

  • Create a Lead or a Contact
  • View related Opportunity and Add comments. Create new opportunities.
  • View and respond to related Tickets
  • Create Followup Meetings and View Upcoming Events
  • Attach Emails to the Contact record

With Vtiger CRM for Gmail, Sales and Support staff can

  • respond faster to emails from clients
  • add quick comments to improve future followups
  • deliver more informed responses
  • ensure follow-ups happen by creating events


To install Vtiger for Gmail, go to browser Extensions, search for Vtiger CRM for Gmail, or click here. Next, click Add to Chrome button. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on Add button.
The extension will be added to the list of installed chrome extensions, open gmail in your browser to view the Vtiger icon.

Getting Started

To get started with Chrome, open an email. A gadget will appear on the right side of the page asking for Login credentials. Enter your CRM username and password and click on Login.

Create Contact/Lead

Opening any email, you can see the gadget on the right side with Create Contact button and Create Lead button if there is no matching CRM Contact or Lead. To create the Customer as your CRM Contact/CRM Lead, click on Create Contact/ Create Lead button. The first name, last name and primary email address of the customers will be auto-filled.

Note! Quick Create enabled module fields in CRM will appear while creating records from the gadget.

Enter all the details that you require and click Save. To add or edit the Contact details even after it’s created, click on the  icon.

On opening an email for which a CRM Contact / Lead exists, you can see the summary of the Contact or lead.
You can find the a list of icons appearing on the gadget once the Contact is created. These icons represent the Updates, Activities, Emails, Quotes, Invoices, Opportunities, Tickets and Comments related to this Contact record. and the Settings icon.

  1. Timeline - Here you can view all the recent updates like Events, Comments, Emails, Opportunities, etc., where clicking on the link will redirect you to the CRM.

  2. Activities - All the pending events related to the Contact will appear here. You can also create an event, by clicking on  icon.


  3. Emails - All the emails related to the Contact and also the emails that are archived will appear in this block. To view the content, click on the drop down button.

  4. Quotes - You can view the Quotes related to the Contact.

  5. Invoices - You can view the Invoices related to the Contact.

  6. Opportunities - Create new opportunities, edit the created opportunities and also add comments to it by clicking on  ,  and  icons respectively.

  7. Cases - Customer-related issues can be created as a case from your Gmail by clicking on  icon. You can even edit the case or add a comment to it by hovering on the right side of the case record and clicking  and  icons respectively.

Note! Tickets are available only for Exclusive edition customers.

  1. Comments - These are same as the Comments block that you find in the summary view of the Contact record in the CRM. Add comments on the record within the textarea and click on Add Comment, this will help the internal users of your Organization.

  2. Settings - Enable or disable the related modules that you want to appear on the Gadget.

Note! The Invoice, Opportunity, and Ticket icon will not appear in the Leads record.

Archive Email to Vtiger CRM

Gmail plugin allows users to attach email thread to any record related to the Contact. To archive an email, click on the Vtiger icon present in the top right corner of the email, next to the reply icon. Clicking on it, a pop-up will appear on the top right corner of the page. Click Yes to archive the email.

Note! When you archive an email having an attachment, only the email gets archived without any attachment. It is a limitation with Gmail widget.


  1. What should I do when Vtiger gadget isn’t showing up even after the successful installation?
    • You have to hard refresh the Gmail tab.
  2. What should I do if the extension was loaded successfully, but few features are not working?
    • Disable any of the blocking extensions like Boomerang, Ugly Email, PixelBlock if installed.
  3. I have two gmail account and I have logged into both the accounts. If I hide the Vtiger sidebar in one account will the same be applied to my other account too?
    • No, the hide/show sidebar is independent of the accounts you use.

To know more about features and benefits of this integration, please check Gmail + Vtiger CRM

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