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Get insights using Power BI

Bindu Rekha Babu
11 May, 2022 - Updated 10 days ago
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Vtiger Sales Manager Template App for Power BI comes ready with charts and reports. Vtiger also has an OData feed to enable custom reports and charts in Power BI.
Vtiger offers the following to enable Insights via Power BI:

  • OData feed for each module.
  • Vtiger Sales Manager Template App with over 15 ready-to-use charts/reports.

Vtiger Template App setup in Power BI

Follow the below steps to install Vtiger Template App in Power BI and generate insights:

For the Web browser version

  1. Open your Power BI account.
  2. Click on Get Data.
  3. Click on Services under Discover content.
  4. Search for Vtiger in the AppSource.
  5. Click on Vtiger Sales Manager Analytics (Preview).
  6. Click on GET IT NOW to install.
  7. Click on Install.

After installing successfully, click on the Vtiger app and select Connect Data:

  1. Enter your Vtiger instance URL. E.g., https://grasspods-doc.od2.vtiger.com/restapi/V1/OData/Pull/odata.svc/Entity.
  2. Select Authentication Method = Basic.
  3. Enter your Username and Access Key as Password.
  4. Now, view the Sales Insights.

For the Desktop version

  1. Open your Power BI desktop app and Sign in to your account.
  2. Click on Get Data under Home tab and select Power BI datasets.
  3. Click on Vtiger Sales Manager - ver 2.0 and Load.
  4. Click on the relevant fields and see the report.
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