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Google Lead Form Extensions Integration

Integrating Vtiger CRM with Google Lead Form Extension to create and post Google Lead Forms.
Shreya Kulkarni
10 Mar, 2024 - Updated 1 month ago
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A lead form is a web form that helps capture data about leads (your potential customers). This data can include names, addresses, email IDs, etc. 
Google Lead Form Extensions are Google’s forms that capture user data when users search for your products or services on Google.
Customers can fill out these forms on Google Search, YouTube, and other Gmail platforms. Google Lead forms provide a wider customer reach and help collect voluminous data.

Integrating Google Lead Form Extensions with Vtiger CRM

When you integrate Google Lead Form Extensions with Vtiger CRM, you can:

  • Send out Google Lead Forms from ads.google.com
  • Collect and import lead data into the CRM

This integration helps you generate leads to enhance your businesses by propelling more conversions.  Extensive questionnaires in the forms can conveniently help you understand your customers and their product priorities.

Note: Only Admin users can set up the Google Lead Form Extensions Integration in Vtiger CRM. Only Admin users can create and post a Google Lead form.


Enabling Duplicate Prevention

When using Google Ads Lead forms, keeping your Leads and Contacts records up-to-date is important. 

Enabling the Duplicate Prevention checkbox helps ensure that if a customer or contact with an existing record in your CRM fills out a Google Ads Lead form, the CRM will update their existing record instead of creating a new one. This helps keep your CRM organized and avoids creating duplicate entries.

Note: If a contact who is already in your database fills out a Google Ads lead form, the sync or import process will ignore the record. You won't be notified if a customer adds new information or fills out a form.

Benefits of Google Lead Form Extensions Integration

Google Lead Forms

  • Are pre-filled, making it easier for users to collect a wide range of customer details.
  • Help users promptly contact new leads as they sign up.
  • Are easy to customize to fit a business’s marketing goal as they are based on customer search patterns on Google.


  • Admin users should have a business account with Google Ads - ads.google.com
  • The subscribed business account with Google Ads should be an Active one.

Feature Availability

One Growth

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One Professional

One Enterprise

Feature Availability

Google Lead Forms


Key Terminology


Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google product owned by Google providing advertising platforms to businesses to publicize and market their services or products. They place ads in the results of search engines like Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, etc. 

Contact/Lead Generation

Is the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services by adapting efficient and productive strategies via online or offline resources and eventually converting them to buyers.

Google Lead Form Extensions

Google Lead Form Extensions help you immediately capture user information when they search for your company, products, or services on Google. Ads that use this extension allow prospects to enter their contact information directly in the ad’s popup form.

Webhook Url

Webhooks are automated messages sent from websites/apps when some activity happens. They have a message or payload and are sent to a unique URL, essentially the website/app's phone number or address.

Google Key

These are primarily Security keys that offer two-way Verification to help you keep hackers out of your Google Account and save you from the risk of targeted online attacks.

In this article, you will learn about: 

Installing the Google Leads extension

The Google Leads extension is not available by default in the CRM, and you will have to install it from the Extension Store.

Follow these steps to install the Google Leads feature:

  1. Log into your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Click Add-ons on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. Look for the Google Leads extension.
  5. Click Install.

Once the Google Leads extension is installed, the Google Leads feature will appear under Extensions in Settings.

Integrating Google Lead Form with Vtiger CRM

Let us now learn how to integrate Google Lead Forms with Vtiger CRM. This process involves to-and-fro navigation between Vtiger CRM and Google Ads - ads.google.com. ​​

Follow the below steps to integrate the Google Lead Form Extension with Vtiger CRM: 

Step 1: Setting up the Google Lead Form

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the Overview menu on the left, click Ads & extensions.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Click the button
  5. Select Lead form extension.
  6. Click the checkbox for the Campaigns of your choice.
  7. Click Done.

You will navigate to the Google Lead Form screen. 

Step 2: Creating your lead form

The Google Lead form contains the following sections: 

  • The Add Lead form extension section is where you can select the required Campaigns.
  • The Create Your Lead form section is the Google Lead Form, whose details you will have to fill in. 
    • They include the headline, business name, and description details to be entered.
    • The Questions section includes the contact information, work information, qualifying questions, and background image details to be chosen.
    • The Create form submission message section includes the headline, Description, Call-to-action, and Call-to-action URL. 
    • The Select a Call to Action for your ad section includes Call-to-action and Call-to-action description details to be entered.
    • The Lead delivery options section is the significant section that includes the Webhook URL and Key details to be entered.
    • The Lead form type section is to be read and understood.
  • Also, a Preview section displays a preview of the Google Lead Form,  Submission message, and the AD for Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail platforms. 

The details you enter in these sections reflect questions in the Google Lead Forms of the customers.

In the Create Your Lead form section, enter the relevant details. The pivotal and mandatory details of the Create Your Lead form are the Webhook URL and Key. To retrieve the Webhook URL and Key, you will have to navigate to Vtiger CRM and Vtiger CRM Google Leads page.

Step 3: Retrieving the Webhook URL and Key from the Vtiger CRM Google Leads page.

Follow these steps to navigate to the Google Leads page on Vtiger CRM.

  1. Log into your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Look for Extensions.
  5. Click Google Leads.

This will take you to the Google Leads page. 

Follow the below steps to retrieve the Webhook Url and Google Key (Key): ​


  1. Click +Add Record
  2. Provide a suitable name in the Name section.
  3. Select the Contacts or Lead module in the Select module for mapping fields section.
  4. Click on Save & Proceed.

Note: In Vtiger CRM, the Google Leads feature is mapped only to the Contacts and Leads module

The system displays the Google Leads screen. 

Follow these steps to copy the Webhook URL and Google Key from the Google Leads screen.  

  1. Copy the Webhook URL and Google Key using the copy icon beside them.
  1. Once the Webhook URL and Google Key are copied a success message notification is displayed separately for each of them
  1. Once you copy the key go back to  Google Ads - ads.google.com and follow the steps below:
  1. Paste the Webhook URL in the Webhook URL section and the Google Key in the Key section.
  2. Once the Webhook Url and Key are entered, the SEND TEST DATA option is enabled.
  3. Click SEND TEST DATA. The system displays a Test Data Sent success message.
  1. Click Save.

Step 4: Field Mapping

Navigate back to the Vtiger CRM Google Leads Page from where you retrieved the webhook URL and Google Key.

Follow the below steps to complete the Google Leads Form Extensions Integration:

  1. Click Load Google form fields from TEST DATA to display a pop-up window with the field mapping data.

Now let us understand how the Google Lead Form Extension fields are mapped with Vtiger CRM fields.

Field Mapping to integrate Google Lead Forms with Vtiger CRM

What is field mapping? 

Field mapping is the process of mapping or matching the fields in a Google Lead Form to related fields and modules in the CRM. Mapping ensures that data flows smoothly from the Lead form into CRM and is stored in the correct records. To integrate Google Lead Forms successfully with Vtiger CRM, you have to map Google Label and Google Columns to the respective CRM fields.


For example, you can map the Google Label 'User Phone' and Google Column 'PHONE_NUMBER' to the 'Mobile Phone' field in Vtiger CRM. So when a customer enters their phone number in the Google form, the number is stored in the Mobile Phone field in the respective contact or lead record of the customer. 

Follow these steps for field mapping:

  1. Look for the required Google Label and Google Column
  2. In the CRM Field, select a suitable field from the dropdown.
  3. Click Save. The system displays a success message if the mapping is successful. 
  1. The icon beside Actions provides the show field mapping option where you can view the fields that have been mapped.
  1. Hovering the mouse to the right of the icon gives you the Edit and Delete options which will help you make changes or delete the fields that have been mapped as shown in the below image.
  1. Clicking the View Sync Log button lets you view sync logs, as shown in the above image.
  2. Clicking on the number of records created will take you to the Google Leads Sync-Log screen.  ​
  1. Clicking on the Record Name will take you to the contacts or leads record of the customer on the Contacts or Leads module, where you can retrieve the details of the particular contact or lead.

Ways to verify Contacts or Leads added to Vtiger CRM through Google Lead Form Extensions Integration

  • By typing in Google Leads in the Search option for Source field in the Contacts or Leads module, you can pull up the contacts or leads created by Google Lead Form Extensions Integration.
  • On the contacts or leads record of customers, click the Details ([i]) on the left to see the Source field as Google Leads.

Disabling the Google Leads Feature 

Admin users can disable the Google Leads feature by disabling the Google Leads extension.

Follow these steps to disable the Google Leads feature:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Look for Module Management.
  5. Click Modules.
  6. Uncheck the Google Leads extension.
Once you uncheck the Google Leads extension, you will see a success message.

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