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Inventory - Terms and Conditions

This article will guide you to configure the terms and conditions for your inventory.
Rashmi Kashyap
26 Nov, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
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Are you trying hard to convey your terms and conditions to the customer?

We have the right solution for you!


Vtiger CRM lets you define your company’s terms and conditions related to your inventory, in the form of text. This is automatically reflected in the Inventory modules such as Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc. 


The benefits of setting up terms and conditions are:

  1. You can convey the terms and conditions related to your products and services clearly and avoid miscommunication.

  2. You need not worry about mentioning the terms and conditions explicitly in the emails sent to the customers.

Visibility in the CRM


Want to know where the terms and conditions appear?


The terms and conditions are shown in quotes, invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, credit notes, bills, work orders, and subscriptions.
You can also see it in the Customer Portal, the Email Templates, and the Print Templates.

To read about these modules, please visit our website.


Adding the Terms and Conditions

You can add terms and conditions separately for different modules as required.


Follow these steps to enter your terms and conditions:

  1. Sign In to your account.

  2. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click the Settings button.

  4. Look for the Inventory section.

  5. Select Terms and Conditions.

  6. Select the module for which you want to specify the terms and conditions from the dropdown.

  7. Specify the terms and conditions in the text area.

  8. Click Save.

Your terms and conditions will now reflect in the selected module. 

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