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Considerations for Deactivating Vtiger Users

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago
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How are existing records handled?

Users will have records, comments, and updates. When inactivating a user, as admin, you will be prompted to select an alternate user to transfer ownership of records.
The table below identifies the transferred records if an alternate user is selected.

Records Results
Open records Open records get transferred to the alternate user. ‘Assigned to’ field is updated with the transferred user name.
Closed records Closed records do not get transferred. They remain assigned to the inactive user.
Shared Calendar Shared Calendar doesn’t show inactive users’ activities.
Reports Reports ownership changes to transferred user.
Scheduled Reports Scheduled reports are not sent to inactive users.
Filters Records assigned to inactive users will still be available for filtering. The user name will appear in following format - (deleted)[Inactive username]
Comments Comments posted by inactive user do not get transferred.
Workflows emails Workflows actions do not get triggered for records that continue to be assigned to inactive users.
Sales Insights Charts show both active and inactive users activities. Eg, Pipeline activity by owner report displays both active and inactive users.

Note! If the admin doesn’t select an alternate user, the “Assigned to” and “Created by” fields of all the open records retains the inactive user’s name.

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