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Create Reminders for Records and Inbox

Bindu Rekha Babu
9 Mar, 2021 - Updated 1 year ago
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Get reminded about a task related to any record in Vtiger with an easy one click reminder feature.

Create Reminders on records

Often, you would like to follow up on an Emails/Opportunity/Case/Contact/ Quote/Invoice.., in the next few days. With the Reminder feature, with a couple of clicks, you can setup the reminder and rest assured that Vtiger will remind you when the time comes.

Example: You just got off the phone with a Contact, and want to follow up in a couple of days. You can set a reminder to get an alert when the day arrives.

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Set up a reminder on records

Set reminders on all modules related to activities. You can set a reminder on any record you want to be reminded about by clicking on the clock icon available in the record view.

Reminder can be set to remind you:

  • Later at 6 pm.
    • After 6 pm, the reminder time is set to 2 hours from current time.
  • Tomorrow at 9 am
  • 2 days later
  • 3 days later
  • You can also choose a custom date/time if none of the above options work for you.

To set a Reminder on Contact record, follow the below steps:

  1. Hover on Menu and click Contacts
  2. Select a particular record.
  3. In the record view, click on  icon from top right corner.

  4. Provide Subject and pick a date and time to get reminder.

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  5. Click on Create Reminder button to Save the reminder.

1. Tasks that are enabled with ‘Send Email Reminder Before’ checkbox are all Reminders.

Reminder Notification

Reminder set on a record is notified via

  1. Notification center
    • To get notified via Notification center, this channel has to be enabled for Tasks.
    • Actions available in Notification center is same for both Tasks with reminder and regular Tasks.
  2. Desktop notification
    • User is reminded 15 mins before the reminder time.
  3. Dashboard
    You can follow your reminders even from the Dashboard. To view them, pin the Upcoming Activities widget and History Widget to the Dashboard.
    • Upcoming Activities: Reminders of different modules are all shown up here according to each user. You can filter the Reminders by Users and Groups available.
    • History: This gives an update on the reminders based on the recent modifications.
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Reminder Actions

Reminder feature allows you with the following actions from the Activity Widget, Task Management, and My Calendar view

Snooze a Reminder

If you’re not ready to act on your reminder, Snooze them.
To snooze a reminder follow the below steps:
1. Go to the record’s summary view to snooze a reminder.
2. Under Activities block, hover over the reminder and click on snooze icon and select the time at which you want trigger the reminder.

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1. You can snooze your reminder only when a reminder is due.
2. Alternatively, you can snooze from Task Manager.

Mark the reminder as completed

Once you have completed the task, you can mark the reminder as completed by clicking the checkbox beside the reminder/task.

Reminder for Inbox

Sales members can set a reminder to follow up on an email assigned to them from Inbox. These predefined follow up intervals enable sales reps to quickly set a reminder and get notified when due.

For example, Often you send an email to a customer and then want to check back in 2 days if the customer has not replied. With the new Reminder feature on Conversation, you can setup a reminder with 1 click. 2 days later Vtiger will bring up the conversation to your Inbox Reminder section.

Who can create a reminder for Inbox?

Email conversation owner can set a reminder to follow up with the Contact using reminder feature. Any Email conversation with a reminder set is moved from Open to Reminders folder so that it does not clutter the inboxes. On the day of the reminder, the conversation is moved from reminders folder to Open folder.

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Note! Reminder is shared with all the collaborators of a conversation in a mailbox. However, only Email conversation owner can snooze, edit or dismiss a reminder.

How do I set a reminder for an Email conversation?

  1. Click on Inbox icon
  2. Hover on an email, and click on reminder icon.
  3. From the drop-down either select the time options or pick a date and time for reminder and click Create Reminder.

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A user can set a reminder on an email in the Conversation view of related Emails module. For example, view the below screenshot:

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A user can reschedule, snooze or dismiss a reminder on an email from any folder. A user can also set a reminder from any of the folders in Inbox - emails marked as done, drafted emails or even sent emails.

Note! Reminder owner is notified via Notification Center and Desktop Notification; 15 mins before reminder is due.

Where do I find the reminder emails?

Today’s and overdue reminders are listed as a separate section called “Reminders” in Open folder.

Any future reminder emails (tomorrow, 2 days later, etc) marked as done, are viewable in both Done folder as well as Reminder folder. The same applies to other actions (Draft and Sent).

When does a reminder get cancelled?

A reminder set by the owner gets cancelled when

  • Contact replies to the email.
  • The owner of the reminder email replies.
  • Other members of the group replies to the email.

The above scenarios are applicable only on overdue reminders and today’s(present day’s) reminders.

Once the reminders are cancelled the email conversation is moved from Reminder folder to Open folder.

Note! All the future reminders (tomorrow, 2 days later, etc) will not be cancelled on replying to an Email.

Email Reminder Alerts in Smart Notifications

Administrator can enable Inbox alerts for Inbox users to be notified on any reminders due via Notification center and a daily digest.
Daily digest summarizes all the Emails that were due yesterday (Reminder time set yesterday) and any Emails from Contacts that are not responded yet.

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