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Set up a Workflow Action to Create Task

Set up a workflow action to create tasks.
4 Jan, 2024 - Updated 6 months ago
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Set up the Create Tasks Action

As the name suggests, this workflow action creates records in the Tasks module when triggered. 


You might find the need to automate the creation of tasks in several situations. For instance, when a project is created with Priority = High, you might want to create a task immediately. To avoid creating tasks manually every single time, you can use a workflow. 


To learn more about projects, click here.

To learn more about tasks, click here.


Before you set up the action, you must set up the other workflow components that fall before the Action component. To learn about them, click here.


Now, let us consider the example stated above to learn how to create tasks using workflows.


Accessing the workflow page:

  1. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Look for the Automation section
  4. Select Workflows
  5. Click the +New Workflow button
  6. Select the Standard option

Entering the basic information:

  1. Select the Target Module as Projects
  2. Enter workflow name, status, etc

Select the workflow trigger:

  1. Select this Workflow Trigger - Project updated (Includes Creation)
  2. Choose Every time conditions are met from Recurrence

Set up the workflow entry criteria:

  1. Click the +Add Condition button
  2. Enter the condition - Priority is High by following the steps below -
    1. Select ‘Priority’ from the first drop-down and ‘is’ from the second 
    2. Click on the text area on the right
    3. Select Raw text from the drop-down
    4. Click on Select an option
    5. Choose High
    6. Click Save

Set up the action:

  1. Click the Add Action drop-down
  2. Select Create Task
  1. This opens a window where you must specify the task details
  1. Enter the Action Title
  2. Enter the following task details:
    1. Title: This is the task name
    2. Description: Enter a brief description of the task
    3. Status: This is the task status
    4. Priority: This is the priority of the task
    5. Assigned to: Choose the user to whom you want to assign the task
    6. Time: The time at which the task must start
      • Note: The start date and end date are the same.
    7. Due Date: This is the date on which the task must end. You must specify this with regard to one of the following fields -
      • Created Time of the project
      • Modified Time of the project
      • Start Date of the project
      • Target End Date of the project
      • Actual End Date of the project
      • For example, 5 Calendar/Business Days after Created Time. To learn about calendar vs. business days, click here
    8. Send Notification: Enable this to notify the user in Assigned To when the task is assigned to them
    9. Task Type: This specifies the type of the task. For example, reminder task, training task, etc
    10. Click Save to save the action
  1. This closes the window opened in Step 14
  1. Click Save to save the workflow


Note: You can also add fields from the Tasks module by clicking the Add Record Field button.

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